Monday, January 5, 2009


Was it just me, or did NYE '09 seem lame to anyone else?  It was like all of a sudden everyone got in this weird recession kick and decided that they weren't doing anything fun.  It turned out that Danny and I did have a good time playing poker and drinking games at a friend's house, but we didn't even decide on that for sure until after 10pm.  I don't know, I might have to plan a party myself next year, even if I do still live in a closet with nothing to sit on but a broke-down futon.

I started Weight Watchers today.  We get a discount through work so that was more of an incentive to join up again.  I figured that with the $20/month gym fee and the $18.50/month WW fee, I'm spending nearly $40 every month in the hopes of losing weight, or at least becoming a healthier person.  And sadly, I've had this gym membership for years and these past couple of months have been the worst for me attendance-wise.  Hopefully if I keep thinking of it that way I will start spending more evenings at Club Fitness, not sitting here watching tv all night.

I know this is all psychological, but I swear that the first few days of WW make my brain tell my mouth that nothing in the world is right unless I'm chewing on something.  Seriously, I'm not hungry at all, but my mouth just feels off.  As a matter of fact, my mouth is screaming that it wants key lime pie (damn wedding planning!) but I have to say no.  This diet stuff is just so hard!

Here's to my 10th glass of water today.

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