Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No sir, I won't tell you how many points this chili is worth

Today I didn't have to work since - blech - I'll be working this Saturday.  The head honchos at my hospital decided that they need one of us present on the weekends to try and track down more money from patients.  Ok, what I do is really not as callous as I made it sound, but I'm just annoyed that I have to be there.

The upside is that I probably never would have gone to the laundry mat and cleaned ALL of my clothes in just over an hour, or go to the gym, finishing both before 6pm.  Sure, I could have accomplished more had I not slept past noon, but I never have been an early riser so I'm not beating myself up about it.

Club Fitness tonight was insane.  I actually waited in line for a cardio machine.  In my whole life of working out (which admittedly doesn't add up to much) I've never waited behind 5-7 people just to break a sweat.  I'm glad I did though because I worked my butt off.  

Last Monday I started up Weight Watchers again, and when I weighed myself in yesterday morning I had lost 6 lbs.!  I tend to get a little too sure of myself and slack off, so this week I started back at the gym.  I don't think I'll lose 6 more lbs. this week, but I'd at least like to get close.  

A year ago I was doing really good at sticking to my weight loss plans, but then at some point my relationship bliss caused me to get too comfortable with myself.  I can only imagine how much weight I'll gain in the 3-4 months after Danny and I get married.  Ugh, that sounds so unappealing... expect this same vein of post around that time.

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