Monday, January 19, 2009

How often do you hear a song and think, "That would be awesome on Guitar Hero!"

As predicted, I gained weight this week.  Only two pounds, but it's still enough to beat myself up for that Pad Thai I had at Pei Wei last night.  Can you believe that the Pad Thai with veggies and tofu is 10 points for HALF of a serving??!!  Sure, I only ate half anyway, but if I had managed to scarf down the whole thing and then came home to find I ate my whole days worth of points in one meal... well... it just would have been bad.  I took home the leftovers but left them with Danny.  Good riddance!

My good friend Marissa is coming to town this weekend and I can hardly wait to see her.  I'm sure Wyoming was a beautiful and adventurous place to live, but it's so nice having her back in Missouri.  During her short visit the girl is going wedding dress shopping five times in three days!  Only one of those excursions is with yours truly though.  We are going to Clarice's which was a convenient place to go since another friend of mine is picking up her wedding gown that morning.  I really think I've already found the dress I want (found it the first day I went shopping actually) but I guess it can't hurt to look.  At least not too much.  I'm a mess when it comes to making a decision when faced with too many options. 

Later that night we are supposed to hang out at a friend's house, where I plan on wowing everyone with my Guitar Hero/Rock Band skills.  It's been a while, but it's just like riding a bike.

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Marissa said...

I can't wait to see you either kate! You're going down on Guitar Hero!