Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tonight I rented a stupid movie.  I suppose it wouldn't seem stupid if I were 10 years old, but for someone 16 years older, Ballet Shoes was probably not my best Red Box choice.  The thing is, after spending the weekend with my fiance, I sometimes get the yearning to watch stupid girly/kid movies.  It made me wonder, when am I going to have the time for those things when we live together?  I guess I can always retreat to another room to watch chick flicks by myself, or make him suffer through them with me, but it will never be the same as sitting in the privacy of my own living room, Ped Egg-ing my feet to hearts content, all while zoning out to a good romcom.  Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to live with him and I'm quite aware that married folks have been sharing the same living space for years, but tonight I realized how my single-living days are numbered.

Another stupid thing I'm doing tonight is watching the Grammy's.  There's just something really strange about a collaboration between Stevie Wonder and the Jonas Brothers.  Oh, is it The Jonas Brothers?  Whatev.  If I come away with one thing tonight though, it's that a duo of Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift will always leave Miley Cyrus looking like a fool.  I can't figure out it it's more painful to listen to her sing, or talk.  

WHAT?!  Ok, as I type, Blink-182 are announcing that they are back together!  Ok, maybe that's the most important thing I've learned tonight.  Not quite sure how to feel about that.  I thought they all got pissy with each other a while back.  It makes me wonder if they are doing this because they truly miss playing together, or if they truly miss making money together. 

Enough Grammy re-cap... it's Sunday night and I have a sinkful of dishes and clean clothes that need putting away.  Ah, the exciting life I lead.

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