Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Struts? You mean cars have a fancy gait??

Don't ask me how I stumbled across this video, but if you are a fan of The Little Mermaid you should check it out.  I think my favorite (aka, the funniest) is the German version.  You just really can't pretty-fy that language.

My car is semi-broken right now and it's bumming me out.  Last Tuesday I got to the garage after work and it started up just fine but wouldn't move out of park.  After calling the Ford dealer my dad found out about some little trick to unpop it so I could drive it, but unpopping it means that you are driving sans brake lights.  And hello, that's illegal!  

Luckily for me the mechanic I use is the boyfriend of my ex-step mom (it's complicated, don't worry) so they've been extremely helpful.  They've been looking at my car everyday while I'm at work, and the ex-step mom has been driving me to and from work.  Most people don't have a mechanic who will do that for them.  It should be fixed tomorrow, with fingers crossed, but it's not going to be the end of my car problems because...

There Will Be Car Payments.

That's right, I think it's finally time that I suck it up and decommission my 11 year old junker in favor of a mostly functioning vehicle.  One that won't need repairs every few months.  One with heat that comes out with more force than that of the little elf that must be living in my dashboard.  And, sigh, one that requires a car payment.  

I know this is a fact of life for most adults, but I've been lucky enough to avoid it up to this point and I guess I was hoping my luck would possibly run for the next 30 years or so.  Four or five years just sounds like an eternity when you are paying so much money for something that loses value every day you use it.  But on the bright side, it will be really, really nice to drive a car that doesn't sound like its backside is going to fall right off every time I roll over speed bump

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Marissa said...

Hey - its a good time to get a car though. Search for some great deals! They are definitely out there.