Tuesday, November 11, 2008

cold, wet, and mine

I'm a little nervous here folks. On Thursday, I'll be meeting with the HR folks for one of the major St. Louis hospitals to accept a position with them. I had the interview on Friday, they called Monday for my social to do a background check, and today they called with their offer. The only disappointing part about this whole thing is that their salary offer isn't nearly what I was hoping for, but I guess that part will be nailed down during the negotiations part of the meeting. I've never had to negotiate a salary before so this will be fairly intimidating. Hopefully I can convey that I'm worth every penny they can afford.

I wish that my supervisor for my current job wasn't in Tan-Tar-A this week for "training". Even though I can't stand this job, my sup is probably the best one I have ever had, so it would feel better to give her my two weeks notice rather than her boss who won't really give a damn either way. When I told my sup about the interview she actually wished me good luck and seemed pretty happy for me. Most of the old-timers at my job tell all of the young workers to get out while they can. Others are bitter and don't care either way. Luckily most of my friends at work aren't like that.

Tonight the boyfriend and I started talking about the word "mine" - I have no idea why - and we couldn't figure out what kind of word it was. Noun? Verb? Auxiliary something or other? I lamely settled on adjective because I thought, "Ya know, it describes something, like this thing is green and that thing is mine." Or, per Danny's example, "Yeah, it's cold, wet, and mine." For some reason those three words were just hilarious, probably because it proved how dumb my decision sounded. Lo and behold, "mine" is a pronoun, and I was barely able to believe that after five years of French (where you basically re-learn your own language) I managed to forget about pronouns. What an idiot!

So yeah, that's just a snippet of the riveting life of Yours Truly.

P.S. I just noticed that this blogger thing has labels for your post, and one of the examples is "scooters". Turns out this post was all about that Vespa I'm dying to buy.

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